Google released the Penguin update in 2012 and, for a short while, the Internet business community was in a lot of flux. People were running around like crazy trying to figure out what it meant for them. As a direct result of this, the incredible importance of social signals became far more widely known. This is mostly about SEO but there are some definite applications to your site–like in terms of your traffic. Your business will not survive if you ignore this recent strong development. Obviously it’s trendy today but that doesn’t stop it from being important or increasing. When you are looking for practical applications for social signals (SEO or more general things), these are some of the things that you can do.

Due to Google’s penguin update, there has been a ton of things that have changed. Many things have changed, but social signals has been impacted. When you think about it, all the tools and resources are the same when you set Google aside. Also, remember that people and other traffic does tend to control things. As much as you may be tired of hearing about Facebook and Twitter, they still matter very much. It may not be talked about as much as the top two social media sites, but Yelp is also a powerhouse. People who use these sites like to talk about their feelings and such. This is nothing new again, but it’s what Google pays attention to.

If you website is on the large size, getting people to see your internal pages will not be all that easy. This is the purpose of using social signals. Also, be certain that your posts are linked together. This can be accomplished with the help of automation and plugins. But be sure you are monitoring your blog load time so you avoid dragging it down.

You can also use Twitter and Facebook to your advantage. A lot of website owners will add advertisements to the site in order to bring in more possible customers. Be certain that you are targeting the right people and not dish out money for nothing.

If you have never used Twitter paid ads to drive traffic, then rest assured that it is a simple process. Make up a budget for the day and utilize the right keywords. You have a market waiting for you on the Twitter site so you must sent the right Tweets to them. You can order promoted Tweets while on Twitter. it is just a matter of utilizing the app and then making up targeted promoted tweets.

What businesses do is just the same they do at Facebook. These sites, mainly Facebook, is great for branding, and you can also create lists for email marketing if you know what you’re doing. Because it is not as successful these days, resist the urge to make sales directly at Facebook.

You don’t have a good reason to worry about Google, social signals or SEO. If your website has top notch material that keeps your visitors happy, you will still be okay. Just make sure that you pay attention to social signals and you will be successful.

Understanding Social Signals for SEO