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Search engine optimization for WordPress blogs is a topic that weighs heavily on the minds of anyone owning or operating a WordPress blog. And yet the need for accuracy is the one thing that is almost always overlooked. Without accuracy there’s no clear way to determine what is and isn’t working. There are certain SEO factors that you should always keep in mind and apply to your WordPress blog if you want to take it the next level in the rankings. The article below explains three such factors that make it easy for you to understand and apply what works

Use Images

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With time and effort you can reach your SEO targets.

Because the Internet audience is becoming increasingly visual, be sure you give them a little eye candy with your posts in the form of images. Not only does this give you an opportunity to really make each individual post shine but it also gives you additional tags that are likely to get the attention of search engines. Images can be used to further improve the standing of your site with the search engines if you pick the proper keywords to go along with them.

However, if your intent is to maximize your SEO efforts, then you have to write about only one thing at a time. Then, if you think that it will help you, you should use subtopics. Why would you need to do this? First, the readers of your blog will be the ones who place fresh content on your blog in the form of comments. Secondly, the search engines will know what your blog is about. All of this plays a key role in helping you rank your site high in the search engines.

Use The Tools You Have

Announce your new content to the world with a service known as pinging. Ping-o-matic is the service that is commonly used by WordPress. Part of its popularity stems from the fact that once it is pinged, it turns around and pings other sites. Avoid the temptation to ping too much as it can lead to your blog being dismissed as spam. By lowering the number of pings you’re also lowering the odds you’ll be called a spammer. It’s important not to be irresponsible with your pinging if you want to be able to continue doing it.

WordPress SEO is a method that will slowly give your blogs better potential and a better appearance where search engines are concerned. But since you’re using a powerful platform like WordPress, the overall returns that you can get from your efforts can be huge. Google has a very high regard for WordPress and the applications attached. So in order to be certain of a positive outcome, understand the fundamentals before you delve into WordPress SEO and you will achieve a more secure base for viewers down the road. If you need help with your local SEO, SEO companies Raleigh NC are here to help you.

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