Google has unveiled Analytics 360 Suite, “a complete measurement platform” targeted at enterprise marketers.

According to Google VP of Analytics, Display and Video Products, Paul Muret, Google Analytics 360 Suite is designed to give marketers “a complete view of the consumer journey and then make sense of it all.”

Once they have insight, Google aims to help marketers drive results.

To do all of this, the search giant has combined six products into a single platform:

  • Audience Center 360, a data management platform (DMP).
  • Optimize 360, a website testing and personalization solution.
  • Data Studio 360, a data and visualization tool that can be used to analyze data collected by all of the Google Analytics 360 products.
  • Tag Manager 360, which is based on Google’s existing tag management solution.
  • Analytics 360, the professional analytics solution that Google previously offered under the name GA Premium.
  • Attribution 360, an attribution platform that marketers can use to evaluate the performance of their campaigns across channels.

Google says that Analytics 360 Suite has been several years in the making, and was developed based on feedback it received from enterprise marketers, many of whom complained that their existing marketing analytics tools were not meeting their needs.

Integration, integration, integration

Google believes it is delivering on those needs, and early customers like L’Oreal Canada, which says it has doubled anticipated revenue with Google’s new offering, are already singing Analytics 360 Suite’s praises.

But Google’s secret sauce might not be breadth or depth, but rather integration.

Audience Center 360 offers native integration with DoubleClick and over 50 third-party data providers.

Tag Manager 360 plays nicely with a variety of third-party vendors, including Turn, comScore, Criteo and Marin Software.

Attribution 360 is capable of distributing data to DSPs and RTBs, can pull in data automatically from DoubleClick Campaign Manager, and offers an Offline Conversion Connector to help marketers attribute in-store sales to digital campaigns.

Analytics 360 works with all Google ad products, and can be used to create remarketing lists that are automatically available in AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager.

Because many marketers are already so heavily invested in Google’s ad-related services, all of the integrations Analytics 360 Suite offers could give Google an edge when trying to win over marketers who are currently using competing solutions from a variety of vendors, some of whom only provide one or two of the functions in Analytics 360 Suite.

That makes Analytics 360 Suite a threat to many companies, including Adobe, which offers a DMP, Adobe Audience Manager, and Tableau, which offers a business intelligence data visualization solution.

Analytics 360 Suite likely won’t be cheap – reports suggest pricing will be in the six-figure range – but if Google can lure enough enterprise customers with a one-stop shop proposition, it could prove to be one of Google’s most important product launches in some time.

Google courts enterprise marketers with launch of Analytics 360 Suite
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